Razer Orbweaver

I am not a big PC Gamer at all. I started on a PC several years ago of course as most of us did (Leasure Suit Larry EGA Graphics Textparser anyone?) but switched over to consoles soon. But lately i found myself dabbling again into PC Gaming. Mostly because Steam makes it very easy and cheap to do so. And in order to game properly, you need the right tools, don’t you? Gaming Mice always attracted me so i figured why not try the Orbweaver as an alternative to my standard Keyboard.


Release Date: 2013
Connector: USB 2.0
Cable Length: 200cm
Dimensions: 55 x 154 mm x 202 mm
Weight: 395g
Features: 20 fully programmable keys via the Synapse Software
Adjustable hand-, thumb-, and palmrest
Controls: 8-Way directional thumb pad
20 Mechanical Keys (Cherry MX Blue)

Although i did not put this Controller through a lot of Gaming-Hours i love the way it takes me into the game. The normal Keyboard simply was not able to do this as i probably still align this too much with work. The Orbweaver does a fantastical job in making you feel you actually have a gamepad in hand and not typing on a keyboard. I’ll come back to this looking in usability and precision when i put more hours into actual gaming rather than just fiddling around with it.

Gaming -/-
Design 10/10 (1/10 for the Razer Logo)
Ergonomics 8/10

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