XO Special Edition Controllers

Just a short interlude on this page to show you that there is something happening in the Controllercult land. As i started to notice that although the XBOX One Controller is my favourite Controller of all time, it certainly breaks a lot. And believe me: i do handle my gamepads with a lot of care. So i had to buy some spare controllers for emergencies. Here they are, united in one Picture.

The 2 Camouflage inspired Editions called

– Midnight Forces
– Armed Forces

as well as the previously portrayed Titanfall Special Edition controller and the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare  Special Edition (Which i was specifically critical about before but it surprised me in how well it’s done and how awesome the gold details actually look)

The detailed look and specifications for the XBOX One Gamepad can be found here

Xbox One Controller: Titanfall Special Edition

I normally do not purchase special editions of controllers. The last one i bought was one for Halo. But this one intrigued me. So here is a short portrait of the latest addition to my collection. The Titanfall Special Edition Controller for the Xbox One.


Release Date: 2014
Connector: Wireless (Range approximately 10m)
Cable Length: Wireless
Dimensions:  mm x  mm x  mm
Weight: approx. 270g
Features: Special Edition Painting / Individual Impulse Trigger Rumble
Controls: 1 Directional Pad (Digital)
Dual Analog Thumbsticks
Menu and View-Button
4 Analog Shoulder Buttons
1 Menu-/Guide-Buttion
Proprietary Headset Connector

Favourite Game
Titanfall. Although when this post is released me and my friends are only just playing the Beta. But man Titanfall is great.

The Paintjob on this Controller looks good. Of course it’s cheesy and that’s exactly the way i like Special Editions. There are several Easter Eggs on this Controller as discovered by Gamertag Radio. The Serial Number contains the Gamertag of the Designer Ryan Lastimosa (HAURD), The R/C-08202010 stands for him and his wife plus their date of marriage and 8120CK4AU120 is Leet-Speak for the Gamertag as well. Lastimosa Armory should not be a big one to figure out too.

Gaming 10/10
Design 9/10
Ergonomics 10/10