XO Special Edition Controllers

Just a short interlude on this page to show you that there is something happening in the Controllercult land. As i started to notice that although the XBOX One Controller is my favourite Controller of all time, it certainly breaks a lot. And believe me: i do handle my gamepads with a lot of care. So i had to buy some spare controllers for emergencies. Here they are, united in one Picture.

The 2 Camouflage inspired Editions called

– Midnight Forces
– Armed Forces

as well as the previously portrayed Titanfall Special Edition controller and the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare  Special Edition (Which i was specifically critical about before but it surprised me in how well it’s done and how awesome the gold details actually look)

The detailed look and specifications for the XBOX One Gamepad can be found here

Wii Remote & Nunchuk

When the Wii Remote (or Wiimote) came out in 2006, it sparked a revolution. Almost in the same way as the Nintendo 64 Controller introduced and established the analog stick to videogames, the Wii Remote did with motion controls (Gesturing, Pointing on the Screen with the additional sensor-bar). It went through some iterations, notably with the Wii Remote Plus in 2010. It came with a strap in order to safely attach it to your wrist. Nobody did that of course, because YOLO. The special thing besides the motion control was the Nunchuk attachement. Basically an analog stick and two trigger buttons within it’s own housing for your other hand in order to control games in a more traditional way.

Specifications for the Wii Remote

Release Date: 2006 / 2010 (Wii Remote Plus)
Connector: Accessory connector port
Cable Length:
Dimensions: 148 x 36.2 x 30.8 mm
Weight: 87g
Features: 16KiB EEPROM chip, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Infrared Sensor, Bluetooth, Speaker
Controls: Digital Buttons (A, B, –, +, Home, Power, 1, 2), 4 Way directional pad,

Specifications for the Nunchuk

Release Date: 2006
Connector: Accessory connector port
Cable Length: 1.2 m
Dimensions: 113 x 38 x 37 mm
Weight: 71g
Features: Three Axis Accelerometer
Controls: 1 Analog Sticks, Z1 and Z2 Trigger Buttons (in newer Versions: C and Z)

Favourite Game
This is easy as there is one of my favourite games ever to be controlled with this combo and it it Super Mario Galaxy 2.

This is difficult because i really never liked motion controls that much in my games. Shure i was blown away bowling for the first time or going through the motions in Wii Sports Tennis. But luckily the combo with the nunchuk could control all games perfectly. I especially love that i am able to position my hands as far away of each other as comfortable for me to sit. I love the controller to this day despite the controversy surrounding it.

Gaming 9/10
Design 8/10
Ergonomics 10/10


As said in the Description, If you can press it, if it lights up, if it makes things move on a screen, then it belongs here. So it’s fitting to just show you one of my most precious controllers, although this one does not specifically control games, although it could. Words cannot describe how much i love this thing. I mostly use it to create ad hoc music performances and fill my heart with joy.

Pictured above is the Monome Trinity with:

– Monome 64
– Monome Arc 2
– Monome 128

You can find more information on the Monome here:


Vimeo has some nice videos on the monome as well:

Razer Orbweaver

I am not a big PC Gamer at all. I started on a PC several years ago of course as most of us did (Leasure Suit Larry EGA Graphics Textparser anyone?) but switched over to consoles soon. But lately i found myself dabbling again into PC Gaming. Mostly because Steam makes it very easy and cheap to do so. And in order to game properly, you need the right tools, don’t you? Gaming Mice always attracted me so i figured why not try the Orbweaver as an alternative to my standard Keyboard.


Release Date: 2013
Connector: USB 2.0
Cable Length: 200cm
Dimensions: 55 x 154 mm x 202 mm
Weight: 395g
Features: 20 fully programmable keys via the Synapse Software
Adjustable hand-, thumb-, and palmrest
Controls: 8-Way directional thumb pad
20 Mechanical Keys (Cherry MX Blue)

Although i did not put this Controller through a lot of Gaming-Hours i love the way it takes me into the game. The normal Keyboard simply was not able to do this as i probably still align this too much with work. The Orbweaver does a fantastical job in making you feel you actually have a gamepad in hand and not typing on a keyboard. I’ll come back to this looking in usability and precision when i put more hours into actual gaming rather than just fiddling around with it.

Gaming -/-
Design 10/10 (1/10 for the Razer Logo)
Ergonomics 8/10

NES Controller

NES Gamepad

The NES Gamepad nowadays is a true classic in Gamepad Design. A, B, Start and Select as well as the Directional Pad was all it needed. Introduced in 1985 (1986 in Europe) together with the Nintendo Entertainment System it defined what Controllers and Gamepads would look for a long time to come. Check out the Picture-Galley above (Left and right arrows when pointing your mouse on it.


Release Date: 1985
Connector: Nintendo 7 Pin
Cable Length: 230cm
Dimensions: 55 mm x 125 mm x  17 mm
Weight: 70g
Controls: 1 Directional Pad (Digital)
2 Fire Buttons (Digital)
Start & Select Button

Favourite Game
Every Controller has it’s game on which it shines the most and brings out all the strength of the game because it provides the perfect interface for it.For the NES Controller it is an easy choice: Super Mario Bros

This one is a tricky one. Of course it is filled with nostalgia and therefore it is hard to objectively judge this controller. Nowadays it is a bit small for my hands, so ergonomics could be better. But it still is a very precise directional pad and because of it’s simplicity still one of my favourites. I especially like the look, coloring and overall design on this controller. Of course i did not feel this as a child.

Gaming 10/10
Design 10/10
Ergonomics 6/10