NES Controller

NES Gamepad

The NES Gamepad nowadays is a true classic in Gamepad Design. A, B, Start and Select as well as the Directional Pad was all it needed. Introduced in 1985 (1986 in Europe) together with the Nintendo Entertainment System it defined what Controllers and Gamepads would look for a long time to come. Check out the Picture-Galley above (Left and right arrows when pointing your mouse on it.


Release Date: 1985
Connector: Nintendo 7 Pin
Cable Length: 230cm
Dimensions: 55 mm x 125 mm x  17 mm
Weight: 70g
Controls: 1 Directional Pad (Digital)
2 Fire Buttons (Digital)
Start & Select Button

Favourite Game
Every Controller has it’s game on which it shines the most and brings out all the strength of the game because it provides the perfect interface for it.For the NES Controller it is an easy choice: Super Mario Bros

This one is a tricky one. Of course it is filled with nostalgia and therefore it is hard to objectively judge this controller. Nowadays it is a bit small for my hands, so ergonomics could be better. But it still is a very precise directional pad and because of it’s simplicity still one of my favourites. I especially like the look, coloring and overall design on this controller. Of course i did not feel this as a child.

Gaming 10/10
Design 10/10
Ergonomics 6/10

Atari VCS Stick


This Joystick is without a doubt together with the NES Gamepad the most iconic Game Controller ever made. Introduced in 1977 the CX40 shaped the way we would look to Joystick-Design for the Future.


Release Date: 1977
Connector: Atari 9 Pin
Cable Length: 120cm
Dimensions: 89 mm x 89 mm x 76 mm
Weight: 140g
Controls: 4-Way 1 Digital Stick, 1 Digital Fire Button

I did not use this Joystick when it came out as i was not even born yet. But i love the Design, at least to look at the thing because playing it is not so much fun anymore.

Gaming 5/10
Design 10/10
Ergonomics 5/10

My Games of the Year 2013

In my opinion this was one of the best year for games sicne a very long time. The amount of quality titles was amazing. Therefore it was not so easy to decide on which one i liked the best. Yes that’s right, not which was objectively the best game but which ones i liked the most. So without any further ado:

1. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (3DS)
2. Super Mario 3D World (WiiU)
3. Fire Emblem Awakening (3DS)
4. Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon 2 (3DS)
5. Resogun (PS4)
6. Tearaway (Vita)


Who would have thought, that even in 2013 my top games would involve the same old Mario, Luigi and Link again. Suprising for me though was how much i loved (and still love) Fire Emblem. I have not played a Strategy RPG in ages. The last one was probably Final Fantasy Tactics for the Playstation.

What lurks in the dark?

This is just a short teaser for the next Series. It seemed fitting to continue the ControllerCult Site with the latest Controller i bought, after starting it with the very first one i used.

I had to buy this one mostly because my rekindled interest in playing PC Games. Especially “Banner Saga”, “Broken Age” and “The Stanley Parable”. Of course i still believe that playing with a mouse and keyboard only, my experience will be tainted. So I’ll try this Control-Pad instead. Watch out for more.

The First One

NES Gamepad

It seems fitting to start this Project with a picture of the very first Videogame-Controller i can remember using. The iconic Gamepad for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Why this Page? Well, pretty easy answer i think: Controllers and Gamepads are your Interface to playing Videogames. So i truly believe that the controller is the key-factor in how much you enjoy a game. That’s why i try to portrait them here. Hope you like it. I’d love to get your feedback, your input and your thoughts about Gamepads, Controllers, Joysticks and Kinects 🙂

If you can press it, if it lights up, if it makes things move on a screen, then it belongs here.


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